[Harp-L] re into the computer

    Ive been looking at this very mixer online all morning wondering if I should pull the trigger Thanks for the review!
From: Tim Moyer <wmharps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

several months when I was setting up some home recording stuff I made what I now consider to be a very smart decision and bought myself a small low-cost mixing board from Musicians Friend, it has 8 input channels and stereo outs(http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/behringer-eurorack-ub802-mixer), and I wired it so that I have channels dedicated to guitar, electronic keyboards, harp amplification line in and computer input, with the output running to th cmputer line in. it works great for little quickie stuff, and the sound-on-sound capabilities through Audacity on the computer male it very flexible.  I'd recommend this type of setup to anyone with limited resources on a tight budget


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