Re: [Harp-L] Hardwood Harmonicas

 Hey all! Don Makowski here from Erie,PA. My first post, yup lurker. I do enjoy 
reading and have learned much here so thanks! 
 Paul, I own some of the Hardwood Harmonicas and find them very enjoyable to 
play. I am still a beginner, only been playing for a year and a half but have 
been a musician all my life and I know good tone when I hear it. These harps 
have a very warm sound and the feel of the harp itself with the beautiful wood 
covers is amazing. I really like the design of the protruding mouthpiece and the 
round holes too. When I first got these I played nothing else for months! I do 
own one prototype also. It has M & M Harmonica Parts Co. USA and 4 hearts 
engraved on the top cover. The only difference from the production models that I 
can see is that the bottom cover of the prototype has less clearance from the 
 A fella by the name of Chuck Robinson who owns Digital Machine in Beullton, 
California was the owner of the company that made these. They are no longer in 
business and will not return my calls or E-Mails. That's too bad. These are 
great harps! 

---- pneupco@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
> Can anyone tell me anything about this company? When were they in 
> business? Who owned it? What were the different model harps they 
> produced? The reason I ask is because I have two with the Hardwood name 
> impressed into the cover plate. Each uses Lee Oskar reed plates. They 
> seem to be of nice quality and I really like them. Recently, I picked 
> another one, but this is slightly different. The shape and size is the 
> same as the others, but nothing is interchangeable. It uses a SP20 
> reedplate, and the whole thing is not as finely made. It's almost like 
> a prototype. Could it be that, or just an early model?
> Thanks for your help.
> Paul N.

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