Re: [Harp-L] New MB30 Blues Licks Tabbed Out

I have to admit that after 30-odd years off messing with the overblow, I'm
coming round to Breandan's new harps.
I've had some excellent custom harps from Tim Moyer, Chris Michalek and Joe
Spiers, but in varying degrees,
they are all a bit on the treble-squawk side. I've managed to do a couple
of my own that work pretty well for me,
but I don't know what the hell I did!
I've found the Bb (talking C harp here) being on the X reed, a7 hole draw
bend, the same as on hole three, a bit difficult to get used to,
and I have never liked the draw Bb on hole three.
The XB 40 had C notes that could be blown down to Bb, same as on hole ten
on a standard harp, and the overblow on hole six.
The XB offered some great possibilities - about eight or nine notes could
be palyed in two places - but it just didn't fit the market.
(I'm still playing mine)
Hope the X reed does OK.
The X reed harps are prettty bright too, but I think I can probably get
around it.
Hey Brendan; looking forward to getting that G Chromobender!

On 9 May 2014 01:11, Brendan Power <bren@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The 10 extra bends on the X-Reed MB30 give exciting possibilities for new
> and cool ways to play harmonica Blues. Here are three choruses of a 12 bar
> Blues solo tabbed out so you can see/hear exactly where the new blow and
> draw bends are used, & learn the licks note-for-note if you wish.
> The track is in two keys, E and G. Tabbed for Richter tuned 30 reed harps
> in A and C (they'll work for the SUB30 also). Enjoy!
> Brendan Power

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