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Mike Best wrote:
Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not aware of a pedal which does both reverb and distortion for harp

I somehow missed the bit about reverb in the original post, and with that in the picture I do think that a pedal (or two) is a better solution than a different mic.

No subscriber to this list will be surprised when I point out that a Digitech RP pedal loaded with my patchset will do both distortion and reverb, not to mention delay and a bunch of other FX, all at once.  The delays and reverbs in the RP are excellent, and there are plenty of distortion models on tap too. Given the relatively simple needs described in the original post, a Digitech RP150 or 155, the lowest end of the RP line, will work fine. sells plenty of these used in good condition or better for $50 and down, and my patch set, which gives you a wide range of preconfigured sounds, will add another $25 to the total cost.  To put a little more icing on the cake, I use the Audix Fireball V when I design the patches, so they should be very compatible with your current setup.  See for more information.

The alternative is a pair of pedals, one for reverb and one for distortion, OR a different mic plus a reverb pedal.  Either is certainly a very workable solution, but the total cost will be in the neighborhood of $300, about 4 times the cost of the RP solution. Which distortions one prefers is a matter of taste, but I have no problem saying that the delays and reverbs in the RP sound as good or better than dedicated reverb or delay units selling for $100 and up--and with the RP you get both, simultaneously if that's what you want.  (by the way, I think delay is a more useful effect than reverb for an amped harp player, but that's a topic for another time.)  

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