[Harp-L] Nightwings (Claus Ogerman)

Two days ago my friend Jan Dumee gave me the score of Claus Ogerman's tune Nightwings. Since my parents had the LP of Claus Ogerman with the dutch guitar player Jan Akkerman, I kind of grew up with this music. The score Jan sent me was the one that Jan Akkerman used for his recording and he later it to flute player Thijs van Leer ... maybe better known as part of the rock group Focus ... . Something with a 30 years story :-)

Anyway, here is the result of me having fun with putting notes in Sibelius, Editing MIDI in Logic to make it sound human, me working on drumming parts and eventually using the whole as a vehicle for an harmonica improvisation ... . 


Big hug,

Wim Dijkgraaf

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