Re: [Harp-L] Bouman Beta Harps WAS Hohner Rocket

Ben Bouman wrote:
<It seems to me like you are a candidate for one of my Seydel custom harps  :-))
<My basic model is in fact a custom 1847 /session steel. I sell it for the price that you normally pay in a shop . But.. I do mild embossing on all <reedslots, I recurve and re-gap all reeds, check the tuning..  + I offer unlimited warranty and service.
<My basic model is very good for players who to attack the notes/play loud... 
<More info is on my very new website:

I own one of Ben's harps, and it's a very nice instrument.  I just checked out his site, and I think the prices are indeed very reasonable at each level of customization.  And I like that he starts with Seydel 1847s and Session Steels, which are good instruments out of the box, and makes them better.

In other words, worth some serious consideration.

I haven't tried a Rocket yet, but I certainly expect to.  I find that in general the premium out-of-the-box instruments from Suzuki (Manji and Olive), Seydel (1847 and Session Steel), and Hohner (Crossover and MB Deluxe) are solid instruments, each with a different character.  The Hohners have that familiar blues squawk; the Manjis play like lightning; the Seydels are loud and durable.  They're all a treat to play.  These days I'm getting good mileage from Lee Oskars and Special 20s, but the higher-end models deliver a little more value, in keeping with their higher price.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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