Re: [Harp-L] new website

Hi Ben...

The site looks Terrific, nice job for your first time doing it! Bravo...easy to read and lots of cool stuff...

all the best,
Rob Paparozzi

On 4/30/2014 4:21 PM, Ben Bouman wrote:
Hi all

I recently launched my new website. It is almost finished, I want to add some more pictures, videos, sound files etc.
Here's the link:

There's a blog page on which you can find the latest the news that I'm now doing all the work on the harmonicas for Mark Hummel...
Please have a visit to the new website and feel free to comment or maybe give me some useful suggestions. It is the first I made my own website :-))

The webshop is still working like before but will be integrated in a few weeks from now.

Kindest regards/met vriendelijke groeten

Ben Bouman

-- Best, Rob Paparozzi

Rob's Webpage:

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