[Harp-L] Thoughts on the Seydel Sampler

I bought a G/D Seydel Sampler a few months ago.

I can confirm that "It does what it says on the tin" and I am satisfied that
I got my money's worth.

However I am not quite sure that it is now my "weapon of choice" when
playing in Irish Trad sessions.

By dint of participating in such sessions I had quite inadvertently weaned
myself off being limited to playing  only in first position. I normally use
a G Chromatic and of course D is available in second position. Happily my
"chip" reprogrammed itself and can now without any conscious intervention on
my part find the appropriate notes when the key changes from G to D.

Seydel stainless steel reeds are terrific and so far (crossed fingers) I
have found them to be "bullet proof". Unfortunately I have had some of the
brass reeds in my Seydel Chromatic Deluxe "go bad" and before sending the
instrument for repair, I got the bright idea that maybe I could buy the
stainless steel G reed plate for a Sampler and bolt it into my Chromatic.

Do any of you 'techies' out there know if this can be done or will I have to
check with those helpful guys in Seydel?

I have heard rumours that Seydel are going to fit stainless steel reeds in
all their chromatics and if so I shall be first in line in the queue to buy.
I am not quite ready to mortgage my home to purchase a Saxony just yet - and
besides they only come in C.


Aongus Mac Cana

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