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Thanks Mick for the heads up on that! Was fun to see Tommy at the Oscars!

On another note in the recording world....

Although he was known primarily as a Guitarist, Tonight on the Grammy's The Late Hugh McCracken will be honored posthumously so tune if if you can because he played Diatonic and Bass harmonica on MANY recordings as well.

Checkout his Discography and you will be amazed...

Hugh was a good friend and I had the honor to be on many NYC sessions with him, once I remember we both played harmonica trading licks on an Ikea Commercial,-)

I made a "Hugh McCracken playlist" on youtube when he passed last year and this is only the tip of the iceberg of his credits...

Rob Paparozzi

On 1/26/2014 1:41 PM, Mick Zaklan wrote:
    Was reading Burt Bacharach's new autobiography and was pleasantly
surprised to see Toots Thielemans mentioned as an inspiration to the

"It's just a number (age), although I do find myself checking on people
like Toots Thielemans, the great harmonica player.  He's ninety and he's
had a stroke but he's still playing in Antwerp and three nights later he's
in Tokyo.  Nobody ever said you have to stop making music at a certain time
in your life and I can tell you from experience, doctors don't know about
this, either.  They really don't."

    The only other reference in the book to our instrument was a detailed
account of Whitney Houston's firing from the Oscars in 2000.  Bacharach had
planned to use Houston in a duet with Dionne Warwick "together with a great
harmonica player".  Wondering who the "great harmonica player" was, I went
to YouTube (  Although the
image is pretty grainy, about 9:45 in, it  looks like Tommy Morgan to me.
Who certainly is a "great harmonica player."  And a nice compliment to
Tommy; considering the number of session players Bacharach has worked with
over six decades and Burt's reputation as a perfectionist.

Mick Zaklan

-- Best, Rob Paparozzi

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