[Harp-L] NAMM-harmonica division

My NAMM experience:

Tommy  Morgan, Slim Heilpern, Gary Lehman, PT Gazelle, and 34,253 people all loudly and simultaneously and  ineffectively trying out instruments of all kinds, but all dialed up to 12. Some of the lady participants, were underdressed, which was appreciated by some. The "I was mauled by a lion" ripped up  look in lady's jeans has come back, I noted. I wish I'd saved my torn jeans.

The only place where I could effectively test out something musical was the baton booth, where they sold those stick things that I remember following long ago when I made money.

Anyone need a baton? I bought some just out of pity for the poor company that thought they'd sell long white sticks that you can't hit a drum with. I bought some floor models, low priced, and just as ignorable.

I do thank the Very Great Derek Crowder, of Hohner, for sending me to NAMM, at Tommy's suggestion, and, in advance, for the case of  270 deluxes that I'd love to receive. He's a fine person, and, for a guitar player,  so generous.....

no rush on the deluxes, I've got 16 1/2 already, but could always use some backups and won't sell them on EBay. 

jon kip

player of music, mostly written by dead people and played on a toy that everybody's Uncle except my nephew's has the good sense to keep safely out of sight in a drawer.

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