Re: [Harp-L] Harmonica Progress

Blowinharp wrote:

I am trying to progress my playing and get out of a rut. I am wondering if
there is any one thing or multiple things people did (ie. scale exercises,
tone exercise, or general training exercise) that really elevated their

Any and all answers will help!


Kevin you don't state what level of playing at which you are currently stuck or what your goals are once you get unstuck. I'll offer this advice anyway.

I was at a point on blues harp learning curve where I had the mechanics of playing fairly well down and had a little library of blues licks that I could call upon. I could comp to most any blues song but I didn't know where to go from there to become a better diatonic harmonicist.

That was when one of my mentors, Paul Davies, gave me some of the best harmonica-related advice I've had. "Learn to play some melodies." Whaaat? I thought that would take me a step back to the "Red River Valley" track I started my harmonica adventure on. But of course there are far more challenging songs to learn and in doing so, I became far more intimate and friendly with my favorite little instrument.

So that's my advice. Learn to play some intricate melodies. You'll thank me later, just as I am still thanking Paul.


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