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I have practiced while driving for years. But only 1 handed and never from written material. I use a lot of prerecorded gospel tracks. I just have to make sure I practice somewhere else too if I'm getting ready for a performance so I can get used to 2 handed and cupping.Â
Like George I like to play along with the radio. ÂIt can help you get a feel for different positions by using one key and try to find notes in each song that comes on the radio.Â

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I used to have a commute to my place of employment that took 35-40 minutes
each way.
It just so happened that, as I was travelling home most days, the local
State Highway Patrolman was going off shift and travelling in the opposite

Being from a rural area, I was acquainted with this gentleman and we
exchanged a friendly wave each time we passed.
One evening, I waved as usual. He did a quick three-point turn, lit up the
overheads and pulled me over. 

After examining my license, registration, and proof of insurance he stated
"Yesterday evening when we passed on the highway I had a supervisor in the
car with me. Could you at least make a show of putting one hand on the wheel
when we meet and stop steering with your knees?" 

I promised to try and keep one hand on the wheel, even when he wasn't
Although I always make sure that any new vehicle I purchase can be steered
with my knees before purchase, I now practice one-handed, only on the rural
roads, and alone in the vehicle.

Bottom line... If you practice while driving, please be safe!

Best Regards,
Dennis M. Cooper

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