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Play melodies. At this time of year, some music stores are selling new Xmas & winter songbooks at 50% off list for new stock. Even as a teacher, I can't get that kind of a price break. So picked up several books to add to my collection. Keep in mind that if you can play these songs, you can play many other kinds of songs -- blues jazz country et cetera. 

If you can't read music, look on the web and get a harmonica note conversion chart and make your own tab. If that sounds like too much work, read the song lyrics and fake the melody. Harp note conversion charts are available at <> under the Tab Rulers header on the left side, 4th box. I find them useful for work in unfamiliar keys. 

Then of course there is the Jamey Aebersold -- which seems to be focused on jazz, but actually Aebersold study works for all kinds of music. Most Aebersold books come with a playalong CD.

Never heard anybody say anything bad about Aebersold except may that it forced them to practice more.

If you look around the site, he offers some free material that you can print out.


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I am trying to progress my playing and get out of a rut. I am wondering if
there is any one thing or multiple things people did (ie. scale exercises,
tone exercise, or general training exercise) that really elevated their

Any and all answers will help!



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