[Harp-L] Harp Mic - Blows me away

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to write about my new bullet mic from "Blowsmeaway  
Productions". I've gigged with this mic twice and feel I can now  thoughtfully comment 
on it pluses and minuses.
First of all Greg was a pleasure to work with and kept me informed during  
every stage of the mic building process. It did take about 3 months after my 
 order to receive the mic. The work that went into it was very impressive, 
and he  does have a backlog. I now understand why. This mic is by far the 
best sounding  mic I have ever played through.
This is a cocobolo (spelling?) wood shell mic with a controlled magnetic  
element. It does NOT have a heavy distorted sound.  For me, I like a rather  
clean sounding mic with a little break up when pressed. This mic does just 
that,  not too clean, and never too muddied. I sense a wide choice of 
responses as I  play. Of course, the more I play through this mic  the better  I  
am able control the wide range of the mics' sound. A pleasure  to play every 
time I pick it up.
It weighs 6.4 ounces and is a bit smaller than most bullet mics. Makes it  
easier to handle. My band loves this mic almost as much as I do! They have 
made  several positive comments. It also has a super "stealth" volume 
control.  I  really can't think of a minus for this mic.
I have no other affiliation with Greg other than his satisfied customer. 
Happily written,
Chris Mastakas

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