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My 2 cents about wireless.....

I also use a Samson I purchased from Greg Heumann along with all the
connectors required to use it with three different microphones.  I have
Greg's custom volume pots and associated 3 pin connectors on all three so if
I want to switch mics for a particular tune I just remove the transmitter
from the mic it's on and put it on the one I want - literally a 2 second
operation and I'm ready to play.   I play out EVERY Sunday (hosting a blues
jam) and almost every Friday and Saturday around New England as well and
have NEVER had a problem with it in the over year and a half I have been
using it.   Another great thing is that (to my understanding) Greg "tunes"
or "dials in"  the output for harp use before shipping it so the purchaser
does not have to worry about optimizing that. Plug in and play as soon as
you get it from Greg.

Plus Greg is an all-around good guy and HONEST to a fault as far as my
dealings with him have been!

Shakey Steve Prunier

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i also use the samson.

i have have used it about 30 times and only one time had a problem with
it---at that one gig, there were four other wireless units in use....

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> I prefer the Samson Airline system to the Line 6 because the Line 6
requires a belt pack, which means you're not really wireless! You can't put
the mic down - its still connected to your hip. I'm a singer and I double on
sax when I'm not playing harp - being able to easily put the harp mic down
and still move around is very important to me. Plus I really like the
freedom of movement without a cable. I'm not sure if you're familiar with
BlowsMeAway Productions. I'm the only vendor specializing in amplified harp
that carries wireless. I carry the Samson system and have many, many happy
customers. No complaints about sound quality or dropouts. 
> More info on the Wireless Systems page of my web site 
> Cheers

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