[Harp-L] New Shtreiml Album - Original Turkish and Jewish Music Featuring Harmonica

Hi Harp-L folks, 

I would just like to let you know that I have new album of all original Jewish and Turkish music harmonica throughout. 
You can listen and/or purchase it on iTunes or CD Baby by clicking on the links below. 



Here's a little description: 

Enchanting and ornate - Oud player and vocalist Ismail Fencioglu is a true master of Turkish music. He's a rare talent whose soaring vocals and fleet fingered oud playing conjure images of the Bosphorus at sunset and truly transport the listener to a different time and place. Together with composer, pianist and harmonicist Jason Rosenblatt one of the world's premier harmonica players, disciple of Howard Levy, and an innovative composer of new Jewish music, Shtreiml & Ismail present EASTERN HORA a  program of compelling original music rooted in the Jewish and Ottoman traditions, but brimming with hard rock sensibilities and dextrous improvisational know-how. Joined by the rest of Shtreiml the group features Rachel Lemisch (trombone), Thierry Arsenault (drums) and Joel Kerr (bass) -  The program which has been presented at concerts, festivals and venues in Canada, The U.S. and Europe has been labeled "explosive" (Halifax Chronicle Herald) and "exhilarating"(Rootsworld).

Jason Rosenblatt

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