[Harp-L] Delrin tm

In my other online world, bicycles, Delrin is not held in high regard. Lucien Juy arguably the inventor of the modern dérailleur and the founder of Simplex pioneered the use of Delrin tm in his 1960's dérailleurs. They were a miserable failure because the plates distorted and snapped. An interesting artefact of the Simplex/Delrin tm saga is this interesting post that is often re-posted and attributed as original and factual. I'll post it below just remember that the original posting date was the first of April.

The CBH 2016 and 2012 harmonicas use Delrin tm and my one example has held up superbly.

I recently won a set of "Le Cycliste" magazines from France recently
and I thought one article was especially noteworthy. In an issue from
1968 there was a story of how Lucien Juy, the founder of Simplex, had
decided that he would showcase the superiority of his favorite
material, Delrin nylon, by building an 8 bedroom mansion completely
out of this material, including most of the furniture and the
dinnerware. There is a not-so-great picture of the mansion and a
slightly better one of the delrin Bidet, as illustrations. It is hard
to tell but apparently the walls were largely of the white variety,
and the roof and shutters, along with most of the detail work appeared
to be the black coloured stuff.

Has anyone else seen any other references to this ? It would seem to
me that this would have been noteworthy in the Architecture field as
well as the Cycling world.

Perhaps the reason it is somewhat not-so-well known lies in a small
note in an issue from 1970, describing a terrible fire that apparently
melted the entire mansion and its contents.

Again, anyone else ever see any magazine stories or pictures of the
Simplex mansion ? Jan Heine ? Ken Denny ?


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