[Harp-L] Chamber Huang

   Very sorry to hear of his passing.  Met him at the Chicago SPAH
convention many years ago.  Kind of an unusual story.  I had brought my
Judo sensei, Tak Mizuta, to the convention as my guest.  Tak loved the
harmonica but couldn't play it.  We were in the hallway waiting to get into
the banquet, there was a slew of people, and Chamber walked over and
introduced himself.  Out of the blue, a real sweetheart.  I have to assume
that he had seen the only other Asian person in this crush of humanity and
graciously came over to say hello.  He and Tak spoke for a long time and I
left to grab a beverage.  After Chamber departed another man came over and
wanted to know if Tak was a famous player.  Because he had seen Mr. Huang
make a beeline for Tak and spend time chatting him up.  My sensei
complimented the guy on his VFW pin and volunteered that he had also served
in WWll.  "Which side?", the guy nervously asked.  After Tak explained that
he had been stationed in Europe with the US Army, they became buddies.
   Can't judge a book by the cover.


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