Re: [Harp-L] Sad News Cham-Ber Huang -- Chamber's Records

I took Cham-Ber Huang’s harmonica seminar in the Grand Tetons in the 1970s.  We had great fun and even did river rafting together.  This seminar focused on the chromatic, an instrument I didn’t take up until about 30 years later.  Nevertheless, Cham-ber taught me some very important techniques, such as how to generate throat vibrato. 

After the seminar, I purchased 2 records:

A Breath-Taking Performance

Cham-Ber Huang and Mogens Ellegaard

Insignia Records, 1964


Two Virtuosi

Cham-Ber Huang and Mogens Ellegaard

Insignia Records, 1964 

I wish these long out-of-print recordings would be re-released because there is some wonderful music.  (Mogens Ellegaard is a virtuoso accordion player.)

 I found a sample tune, a Romanian Folk Dance at:

 Cham-Ber later recorded other records that I don't own:

	Music That Touches the Heart
	Cham-Ber Huang and Madame Zhou Guang-Ren (1997)


	Cham-Ber Huang with New York Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra

	Raffael Adler, conductor

	Larry Adler guest artist, 1969

Cham-Ber will be dearly missed.

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