Re: [Harp-L] Sad News Cham-Ber Huang

Cham-ber was one of the great pioneers as a player and a harmonica builder.
I can remember attending his seminars in NY that Hohner sponsored.
I remember him showing us his silver CBH 2012. He played it
so sweetly. I have a vinyl HiFi record that he plays a Bach flute Sonata.

Rip Cham-ber

Emile D'Amico

On Saturday, January 11, 2014 10:44 PM, Rob Paparozzi <chromboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I wanted to share this with the list it's an email I just received.

I was fortunate to study with him at The Turtle bay Music School in NYC back in the 70's He worked hard with Robert Bonfiglio and left us one of today's top Virtuoso's of Classical Harmonica. He was also an inventor of amazing Harmonicas we still use todayâ. RIP Mr. HuangââRob Paparozzi

received from John Savas, of the Long Island Harmonica Club, the sad news that harmonica great Cham-Ber Huang passed away on January 10 after a long fight with Alzheimerâs.

45 - 09 Little Neck Pkwy. 
Little Neck, Queens, New York 11362
Tel: (718) 229 4949Â Â Â (516) 466-8888

There will be one showing this Sunday, Jan. 12, ---  3:00 - 7:00 pm.
A prayer service will be held at 6:00 pm.

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