[Harp-L] Man with what harmonica?

Maybe Franco de Gemini played the most famous harp 
melody ever in "Man with a harmonica" in the well 
known western movie Once upon a time in the west.

But *what* harmonica did he use?

On a bluesharp in G it goes like 6 5 6' 6.

Notes are: E C D# E

But it is clear that it was played on a chromatic
harmonica, at some moments the slide is pushed
half way, and you hear the notes D# and E 'scratch'.

On a C (or a G) chromatic that is not possible,
because an E becomes an F when pushing the slide.

Could it be a chromatic in B? Were there chromatic
harmonicas in B on the market at that time (1968)?

Or maybe the piece was lowered a semi tone after recording?


Forkord Turnaround, the truly harmonic harmonica!

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