[Harp-L] Subject: Video worth watching for its no-cost instruments

Now THIS got to me.
We harmonica players complain about the costs of a harmonica - or a single  
bad reed, while these kids play instruments made from garbage.  Actual 
This is unbelievable, and outstanding. Please watch. The youg man  'Bebi' 
playing the cello brought me to tears. If anything, THIS is what  music is 
supposed to be all about. It's not harmonica related (I don't suppose  
anyone's figured out yet how to make a harmonica out of discarded trash), but  
--what a way to provide a way out of a life on the very lowest rung on the  
poverty ladder for these wonderful young musicians. Think there's any way to  
send them some of our old harps to round out their orchestra?
Imagine the possibilities!

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