[Harp-L] Many harp related items for sale

I have a bunch of harmonica related items that I thought I would offer up
here before ebay
I have 2  Vintage Gibson GA 5 Les Paul jr amplifiers  I think they are mid
50s   One has a 3 prong cord and line out installed  the other
untouched         Both are wonderful recording amps     Not loud, but
beautiful tone
They seem to get about $750. on ebay        I can do $600 each
I also have a new HarpGear  30 amp   2 eights   green and cream tolex  gold
grill          It has sat in my house for years unused   New
condition   Open to offers
2 B Radical harmonicas  with cases/bags    very little playing time
Bflat    and   C
I also have a new Suzuki Chord 56  harmonica  ssch-56       Only played
about 5 minuets  Just couldn't bond with it     I bought it from Rockin
Rons      Offers
 I have much  more  stuff      but this is a start          I need to thin
the herd
please email me off list       mikestevensmusic at gmail.com    for details
and pics



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