[Harp-L] SPAH needs some new staff members

SPAH, like all organizations, has staff turnover, and we need to recruit for two positions. All SPAH members are eligible for consideration.

Just to be perfectly clear, these are volunteer positions, like all SPAH staff and board positions.

We're going to need a new seminar coordinator to organize and schedule seminars for SPAH 2014. Manfred Wewers has been doing a fine job, but he wants to step back.

The convention director's job is a huge, demanding job, both before, during, and after the convention. Elizabeth Atkison has been highly conscientious and superbly organized, but would like to be able to simply enjoy the convention after several years on the job.

If you're at the convention in a couple of weeks and you're interested in either of these jobs, you can see what they're like on the ground. Of course both jobs also require prep work before the convention.


Winslow Yerxa
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