[Harp-L] Pre SPAH blues blowoff - Who is going?

Pre SPAH blues blowoff.. Chime in here if you are going!
It's entirely unique, all these GREAT players are in town for the  
convention from across the globe.  
With so many sharing the bill compensation can be no more  than a token 
amount... it's evident that these people are doing it for the  love of the 
instrument.  Aside from the music the venue has great food  at reasonable 
prices, plus is a living music museum well worth  seeing.  BB's Jazz, Blues, and 
Only $15 to get in, and a bargain at twice the  price.  To produce this in 
the absence of SPAH, tickets would  need to be $75+ to cover  international 
transportation, lodging etc...  
Half of the tip jar that evening will be donated to SPAH's  Rosebush Youth 
Fund.  When I proposed this to the artists there  wasn't a single dissenting 
voice, my hat is off to each and every one  of them.  
Apologies for previous formatting issues, I keep running into the  same 
problem on this list.  Looks good when I send it but posts  with missing or 
extra spaces, added characters and other  such issues.  Any suggestions out 
there for a  fix?  I'll again post the lineup below, sent with single spaces  
between each act.  
St  Louis Social Club  (host band)   7 - 7:25pm   
John  Nemeth  7:25 - 7:55   
Steve  Baker   
Harmonica  trio w/George Miklas, Phil Caltabellotta  and Herb Eck   
Winslow  Yerxa   
Koei  Tanaka   
Joe  Filisko & Eric Noden w/Jerry Devillier   
Michael  Peloquin   
Brendan  Power   
Jimi  Lee   
Brandon  Bailey's Youth Showcase   
Peter  Madcat Ruth   
Finale +  invitational jam hosted by John Nemeth (time permitting).  
Official  end time is 12:30 but the jam might go later.   
Christopher  Richards   
Details at:   harmonicaplanet.com 

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