Re: [Harp-L] Re:SPAH award nominations--who's nominated, and how is the winner chosen?

Richard Hunter writes:

I've noted in previous posts that SPAH's attendance has been stable or declining at roughly 400 attendees per year for well over a decade.  I certainly hope that the 50th produces bigger numbers than that, but the fact remains: SPAH is not exhibiting the signs that I see in dynamic, growing organizations.  One of the leading indicators for dynamic growth is leadership that answers questions directly and immediately, as opposed to telling people not to ask questions. 


Again, both untrue and unfair.

Where are you getting your information about SPAH attendance numbers? You're right that attendance hovers around the 400 mark but it is not declining. Attendance for 2009 and 2013 are both above 450. We've maxed out the hotel at this point and no more rooms are available. (Food for thought when you consider how further growth might affect the intimate character of the SPAH convention, which is cherished by many of the attendees.)

I have answered your question immediately - that I will take it up, but not while we're too busy with immediate matters to give it proper consideration. Just because you think it's a good idea doesn't mean we should drop everything and immediately do what you say. Other people's opinions matter, too, and the board must be won over to effect changes. 

Also, who in SPAH leadership is telling people not to ask questions? I have said that I will address your question about publicizing nominees when there is time to consider it fully - after the convention.

I'm open to considering ideas. But I don't act on impulse. And pressure will not produce the intended result.
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