[Harp-L] Pre SPAH Blues Blowoff info

For first timers to SPAH, if you enjoy the blues this is a  true bucket 
list type of event.
As previously noted, John Nemeth will host the  blowoff.  John is in demand 
on the festival circuit,  he has tour obligations and won't be able to 
attend the  convention... this is the only spot you'll be able to see  him in St 
Louis.  Come early, he goes on 'first' at 7:25pm, and then  serves as 
emcee.  The excellent house band, The St Louis  Social Club, might start as early 
as 7pm... by all accounts comprised of a who's  who of the St Louis blues 
Here's the first half of the lineup:  
John Nemeth - Currently nominated for Soul Blues Album of the  Year and 
Male Blues Artist of the Year! 
Steve Baker - From Germany, representing Hohner  Harmonica and a regular 
contributor to this list.
Then... in the interest of the  'Preservation' in SPAH, a traditional 
harmonica trio consisting of George  Miklas, Phil Caltabellotta, and Herb Eck.  
The  non-SPAH portion of the audience will flip when many for the first time 
see  the giant sized chord harp flying  around.
Winslow Yerxa (the SPAH Prez) will say some words about  SPAH and strut his 
stuff for a song or two.
Koei Tanaka - Hailing all the  way from Japan, representing Suzuki 
Joe Filisko & Eric Noden... with very special  guest from the heart of the 
Cajun country, Jerry Devillier! 
Just to keep it interesting I'll wait until next week to  announce the 
second half.  As a teaser, I'll say that for the  first time the pre-SPAH 
blowoff will include a dedicated Youth  Showcase segment... these young guns are 
going to knock your sox  off!  The $15 cover set by the house is slightly 
more than  anticipated, but it is an amazing bargain for his  lineup.
Still no free transportation options but I haven't given  up on seeking 
something out.  Once again, please chime in if you are  local and think you can 
Christopher  Richards

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