[Harp-L] The Ohio State Harmonica Championship needs more loosers

The only thing that would make The Ohio State Harmonica Championship in Chester, OH better would be more loosers like me. By that, I mean more people to participate. There was lots of handshaking, hugs, pats on the backs, harmonica talk, and laughter. I had an excellent time and was satisfied with my performance even though I did not place. The winners were:

1st: Charlie Barath $300

2nd: Mark Monroe $150

3rd: Danny G $74

4th Ivan Lindsey $25

Picture of winners link



A few observations:

I would say we had better players this year than the previous five years. 

This was the first year to have more diatonic than chromatic players. 

The top three winners were all at HarmoniCollege 2013. Hmmmmm. Maybe that's another reason I enjoyed the event so much. I was among familiar faces and friends

Last, I was impressed how Gwenda (Charlie Barath's wife) got Charlie to bid on 2 pies at the pie auction before the championship. Then she bid on a cake and got it when no one was looking. Finally, while leaving, she talked Marvin Monroe into giving her one of HIS pies... I think what Gwenda wants, Gwenda gets. J 

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