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Robert Hale wrote:
<My new RP355 sounds fabulous in stereo especially on the rotary Leslie
<organ sound!
<Do you often perform in stereo?

Yes, the RP's modulation FX--chorus, flange, phaser, rotary speaker, vibrato, etc.--sound great in stereo.  I don't usually use the stereo outs, because I don't use a stereo amp for most of my performances.  But when I get a pair of powered speakers, look out.  In the meantime, I record in stereo when I want the full flavor of the mod FX.

Regarding the carrying case: Digitech sells a bag made expressly for the RP, which I don't use.  I have a Wilson athletic shoulder bag that I use for this purpose.  It's not heavily padded, but it's padded enough.  It takes a lot of smashing to break an RP--they're made out of metal, and they don't crack unless you drive a truck over them.  I can put a Seydel case with 16 harps inside, a mic, mic cable and inline transformer, RP355 and power supply, and a 1/4" cable to take the signal to the board in that Wilson bag.  Very tidy and convenient for jam sessions and other situations when I don't need a full kit.

For situations where I want everything I can get my hands on, I've set up two boards--literally wooden boards--with my full performing setup: Samson wireless receiver (thanks to Blowsmeaway Productions), Zoom G3, TC Helicon Voicelive Play, Radial ABY pedal on my left, Digitech JamMan stero looper, RP355, and FS3X pedal for the looper on my right.  I carry them in a Kases keyboard bag that cost me $30 new.  That keyboard bag also includes my power strip, power supplies for all the gear, cables, mic, etc.--everything but the harps and amp.  It's a pretty tidy setup, and the full rig takes about 10-15 minutes to set up and tear down.  If I just take the right-hand board--JamMan, RP355, and looper footswitch--it takes less than five minutes to set up and tear down.  You can see the whole setup at:

It's very nice to be able to make the big sounds happen so quickly, not just in terms of ease of use, but in terms of showing everybody else on the stage that you know what you're doing.  Of course all the above assumes that you have AC power on the gig.  If I know I won't, I take my mic and a Tech 21 Blonde pedal, which I will replace with the Zoom G3 (also battery powered, like the Tech 21) in the very near future for AC-less situations.  I'll carry that stuff in the Wilson bag too.

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