[Harp-L] chromabender questions

   Was looking at Brendan Power's Chromabender info-mercial on YouTube (
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QsFSoabh-SE) and had a couple of questions.
   Years ago, didn't we go through a period when folks were buying Herings
and couldn't get service or guarantees on them?  As I recall, there were a
lot of furious harpists out there.  Was that situation ever resolved?
People who know me know that I specialize in blues playing in 3rd, 4th,
5th, and 6th positions.  I'd be bending that harmonica quite a bit, so I
have to assume that the reeds would go flat.  My repair abilities don't
extend beyond removing an occasional cat hair or piece of crud stuck in a
reed.  Who works on that harp if reeds have to be replaced?  Hering,
   Was wondering if there any plans to bring these instruments to the
convention in August?  Last year I believe Brendan brought some prototype
harps out to the convention and they were long gone by the time I rolled in
on Thursday.
   I'd prefer if the harp came in lower tunings, but I like the concept.
It's intriguing.  Wouldn't be much of a transition for me, I do quite a bit
of playing on the CX-12 in all keys.  Looks possibly like an improvement on
the XB-40.  Of course, Brendan can probably make any harmonica sound good.

Mick Zaklan

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