Re: [Harp-L] SPAH award nominations--who's nominated, and how is the winner chosen?

Decision about SPAH policy and procedures are not made by executive fiat. The entire board weighs in on such decisions.

When I first assumed responsibility for the awards process in 2010, I looked at several ideas for changing the awards process, including the idea of announcing candidates in advance. I brought the ideas to the board, which then discussed and voted on them. The idea of pre-announcing candidates was discussed at that time, and the board decided not to implement that idea.

That could change in the future. But it won't come about because someone pops and says "I think it's a good idea, so why aren't you doing it?" Every idea has  potential benefits, potential drawbacks, and difficulties in implementation, and all need to be considered thoroughly.

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Winslow Yerxa wrote:
<The names of people and entities nominated for SPAH awards have not been announced in the past. Whether to do it in the future is <worth discussing.

Why not do it now?  What are you waiting for?

Can you imagine what people would think of the Grammies or the Academy Awards if nominees for awards were not announced?  And anyway, what's the point of winning if you don't know who the competition was?    

Finally, nominees might well consider it an honor to be nominated, and that's an honor that should not be denied to them.

I don't see a good reason not to announce candidates.  What's the point of the secrecy?

Thanks, Richard Hunter

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