[Harp-L] Musicians Swap Meet in Kutztown, PA

     I'll be working a couple of tables at the Musicians Swap Meet at Renningers Market in Kutztown, PA held on Saturday, July 13. The location is the large pavilion in the Renningers Show Field. There is no admission fee and free parking is available. Hours are 9 AM to 4 PM.

     I'll be offering a selection of harp mics, harps, books, CDs and effects, plus a couple of amps, a couple of guitars, and some guitar accessories and parts. 

     This is the second year for this event which is held on the second Saturday of the month throughout the Summer. A number of vendors will be participating, but to my knowledge no one else will be offering harp-oriented merchandise. Hope to meet some local harp players and talk shop. If you are in the area, come on down!

Pete Sheridan

Author - The Quest For Tone In Amplified Blues Harp
Author - Affordable Axes And Cool Amps For The Harp Player/Slide Guitarist
Author - Wayne Raney, That Hillbilly Boogie Boy With The Talking Harmonica

Contributing Writer - Living Blues Magazine, Guitar Player Magazine, Blue Access Magazine, The Guitar Player Book, Blues Review Magazine, American Harmonica Newsmagazine (R.I.P.) 

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