Subject: [Harp-L] Buskin in Third Position,-)

This was fabulous, Rob. Looked (and sounded) as though you were always part 
 of the band. I could tell from their happy grins how much fun they thought 
it  was having you play along. It's a cool song and could easily be a hit.
Nice. :)
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Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2013 13:32:12 -0400
From: Rob Paparozzi  <chromboy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Harp-L] Buskin in Third  Position,-)
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This is my first Busking Gig!.....I'm sitting in with 'The Shoos' from  
Dublin in Temple Bar Squareâ..

Just walked up to themâ.they sounded  goodâ

They had this original song in the key of B and I had an A harp  in my 
pocket so gave it a shot! Not bad for no rehearsal.......

last week  they went into the studio and sent me an mp3 to play on as they 
plan to release  it as a  single........

Rob  Paparozzi


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