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Thanks Jerry, 

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Great news Rosco - see you there! 
Michael Peloquin 
The West Coast Harmonica Summit DVD has been released: 

http :// www . jazzharmonicasummit .com/ 

http :// www dp /B003UL1BPY 

It was an amazing night of harmonica, and now you can witness it even if you weren ât there! Buy your copy today! 
http :// harpsax .com 

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> So the decision has been made, room booked, logistics taken care ofâIâm 
> headed to SPAH this August. It will be great to catch up in person with old 
> friends in the harp world, and hear some new players showing their 
> stuffâalthough these days the actual harmonica playing aspect of SPAH is 
> secondary to hanging with all the cool folks Iâ ve met and developed 
> friendships with while attending the conventions. Iâm looking forward to 
> late nights and epic meals, cognac, and conversations. Maybe Iâll play a 
> little harp, too 
> -- 
> Later, 
> Rosco 
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