[Harp-L] improving chrom response

After experimenting with gap setting on a cheap diatonic harp I finally
undertook gapping almost all the reeds of one of my favorite chroms. The
response is much improved now but I am still looking for more ways to
improve the response of my chroms.

So I am looking for more suggestions that fall within the realm of common
modifications to remove air leaks. I have noticed spaces in which I can
slip a feeler gauge between mp and backplane and between backplane and
comb/reedplate edge. I should probably add that all of the chroms that I am
presently tinkering with have acrylic combs and that the reed slots look
pretty tight (to me) so I don't think that embossing the reed slots wont be
my next move.

And a big thank you for all the great suggestion so far.


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