[Harp-L] Howard Levy jamming

   Fellow list member Chuck Faron called my attention to a Howard Levy
appearance on our local PBS station.  Howard and guitarist Bobby Broom are
interviewed and about 6:36 into the tape jam on a standard, "The More I See
You."  Somewhere on the site is also a version of Sonny Rollins'
"Airegin."  http://video.wttw.com/video/2365146343/.  I suspect this was
pretty spontaneous, Broom usually works in Hammond organ combos and was
chosen by Steely Dan to tour with them awhile back.
   The Chicago Tribune jazz critic, Howard Reich, must see over a hundred
performances each year from a slew of reed, brass, and piano-led jazz
groups, many of them nationally known.  This year he picked Howard's
harmonica show at the Green Mill club as one of 2013's very best.  That's
saying a lot.  He summarized:

   "The reigning virtuoso on the jazz harmonica tapped Hebraic and klezmer
traditions in "Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen," vintage New Orleans syntax in Jelly
Roll Morton's "Sidewalk Blues" and Macedonian scales in "Jovano Jovanke."
Is there nothing this man can't play?"

Apparently not.

Mick Zaklan

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