[Harp-L] special harp amp

I have in incredible amp I must let go-it is a sonny jr.cruncher cabinet-a brand new bandmaster amp-3 mint condition 1958 p10qs .all the other parts to this came from sonny.it took me a year to build this gem .I took my time and used nothing but top of the line components.took me a long time to even find the three speakers.which I got from sonny.he also tuned amp up after finished-it sounds incredible and is only one of its kind on the planet.i also have what I consider to be his best sounding super sonny 410 amps and this is comparible to it.would never even consider selling this but a work injury has put  my in a temporary financial loss.i play and am well known all around new England.a former student of the great sugar ray Norcia and I live for big harp tone-this amp has it-and more.i have well over $2000 into it-only serious players who want top of the line equipment should respond-thanks-mike crandall

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