Re: [Harp-L] Bending Hole 7 Blow notes in MB 30

Rick, I think you’re getting confused on the notes and holes:

“I may yet get used to the draw bend on 8 for the Bb (I speak in "C harp
dialect" only) but then again, maybe not.”

The Bb is a draw bend on hole 7, and a real tasty one at that! Try going
from 7 blow to 7 draw bend: it is a nice transition from the C to Bb. You
can hear it on the MB30 soundtrack, on the turnaround on the four chord at

“I have always loathed the Bb draw on hole 3; didn't mind it on the XB when
I had it duplicated as a foot-to-the-floor blow bend on 4."

As you say yourself, it's easy to modify the 30 reed harps to get this blow
bend. Just lower the x-reed in hole 4 by a semitone, and the C will bend
down to a Bb, just like hole 10. (You can do that on hole 1 too).

Of course, you can get the C-Bb blow bend on hole 7 by retuning the draw B
to an A, but that may be a step too far. If you give it a bit of time I'm
sure you'll learn to dig the 7 draw bend Bb.


Brendan Power

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