Re: [Harp-L] Blackie Schackner seminars

While not a seminar, I enjoyed over an hour of him on one 1999 SPAH occasion which can be viewed here:

I didn't know him, or of him, but wish I had because he was a great player and fun guy.  There are a lot of great players and fun guys on Harp-L and I am happy to meet as many as possible.  Additionally, I can claim friendship to a few and for that I am thankful.

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On Thursday, December 26, 2013 11:40 AM, "philharpn@xxxxxxx" <philharpn@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Over the years, and particularly during the early years for me (70s-90s) I picked up some of Blackie's books mainly because they were the only books around.

I learned about SPAH from Robert Jones' (host of Detroit public radio's Blues for the Lowlands) promotion of Blues Night 1998 by SPAH hosted by Madcat. And having taken some piano lessons as a kid, was not intimidated. Because I worked nights and weekends, I never attended the Saturday night shows. But in those days -- ah the good old days -- you could purchase video and audio tapes of the various workshops. I picked up a few but I don't remember finding any by Blackie. And later, when I was able to schedule vacation time, I still don't remember attending any Blackie SPAH seminars. I don't know if there ever were any SPAH tapes on  Blackie.

But, if anyone has Blackie seminar videos, I would be interested in watching them on YouTube.

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