[Harp-L] Les Paul the harmonica player

   Thanks for all the informative responses.  Finally got to the end of the
book and immediately noticed a discography that listed the Rhubarb Red
sides Tom Ball mentions.
   There were only a couple more references to the harmonica in the book
and I found both kind of interesting.  One was a reference to Les
recording a harmonica duo, the Mulcays, in his home studio.  Kim Fields
devoted several pages to the Mulcays in his excellent book "Harmonicas,
Harps, and Heavy Breathers".
   Another harp reference was in a conversation Les had with his father,
George Polfuss, shortly before the man died:

"George painfully acknowledged for the first time in his life that he had
been an inattentive father.  The sixty-seven-year-old Polfuss reached back
twenty years, regretfully recalling how he refused to give his son $2.50
for a special harmonica.  'A quarter yes, two and a half dollars no,'
George said at the time.  'But if I'd only known!' he later lamented."

   So don't deny your kid a harmonica or you may regret it on your

Mick Zaklan

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