Re: [Harp-L] Les Paul the harmonica player

Mick Zacklan wrote:
<snip> "Though Les did a ton of live and radio performing under the name "Rhubarb Red" with his guitar and racked harp, I don't know if any examples of this exists." <snip>

Thankfully, examples do exist... Rhubarb Red recorded 4 titles (2 x 78s) for Montgomery Ward on May 20, 1936. Songs were:

Just Because (MW 8012)
Deep Elem Blues (MW 8012)
Answer to Just Because (MW 8013)
Deep Elem Blues # 2 (MW 8013)

All four have been reissued on the Les Paul CD, "The Complete Decca - Trios/Plus (1936-1947.)"

Cheers and Merry Christmas to all!

Tom Ball

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