[Harp-L] Stanley Behrens Georgia on my Mind

*Stanley, Who's been with "WAR" for a couple of years has been promoting
his daughter Chloe who has a dynamic voice.  So when he can he does some
local places near Venice, CA. backing up Chloe with him on the Harp and Sax
and Ralph Mullins I believe on Keyboards and percussion.  I caught this one
which I guess was an improv with just Stan on Harp and Ralph on piano.  I'm
just a novice but I thought it was awesome for a duo.  *


*Then I found him again playing with Christopher Young and the Neon
Popsicles live at the Catalina Jazz Club doing "Black Not Blues." From a
Duo to an orchestra just really impressed me. *


*Thank you.*
*  Joey B*

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