[Harp-L] Les Paul the harmonica player

   Great story, Rob!  What an honor to sit in with a legend like Les Paul.
Actually, I just checked the book out of the library yesterday.  It's "LES
PAUL   An American Original" by Mary Shaughnessy.
   I'm not familiar with the harp shown in the pictures.  Looks like you
can play out of either side of the thing and there is a double grid of
square holes like you would see on a tremolo harmonica.  I can't imagine
him imitating Deford Bailey with it.
   Wonder if his son has any of his dad's old harps?  I can only imagine
the stuff Les left behind.  Like he says in the book about one of his old
cluttered houses:  "You could throw a grenade in here and straighten it up."
   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody!

Mick Zaklan

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