[Harp-L] X Reed Harmonicas introduces the MB-30...

Hi Everyone,

I'd like to wish you all Happy Holidays & give you a heads up on a new harmonica...

A 30 Reed 20 Valve harmonica from X Reed harmonicas...

Brendan Power and Zombor Kovacs are now offering a 30 reed diatonic harmonica that uses reed plates from the world's most famous harmonica. They call it the MB 30. It has 30 reeds, twenty valves and allows you to create two reed bends blow or draw in any hole on the harmonica.

The twenty valves work to isolate pairs of reeds that are tuned for bending.  It feels and sounds like a normal blues harmonica but lets you play all the missing notes with traditional bending technique, including tongue blocking.

I tried out a prototype  of the MB 30 at the SPAH convention in August and was blown away by the instrument, and got to talking to Brendan & Zombor about the project in Saint Louis. They invited me to work with them. I've been experimenting with the harp and testing it at gigs. I'll be taking care of shipping orders in the USA and also providing customer service for orders in the USA. I'll also be building a top of the line model - the MB 30-S.

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Richard Sleigh

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