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Hi Martin,
I wouldn't assume Butterfield was going straight into the board, it's possible, but at 9:29 we catch a glimpse of an ampÂtoÂthe right ofÂPaul. He was known to be using a non-Fender, possibly SS amp around this time, one is featured in a video with Ronnie Barron shortly before he passed. I have heard the brand Randall mentioned with respect to Paul, but the amp in the video looks more like a Roland. Not "proof" of anything but maybe something to bear in mind?

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Thanks Rob. On the same channel there was also this. For some reason he appears to be going straight to the board, and not sounding that great. 

That "blow" typo had its points ...ÂÂÂ; 

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Yes I agree Winslowâ.sounds like an 80's horns sound patch on a keyboard, you can tell on the last chord where they modulate the pitch wheelâ

Butter was surely a FINE singer and does need more mention for sureâhe blows on all his tunesâlike Bad Sign, Love Disease and even Drivin Wheel which his Bassist Bugsy Maugh sangââ.I'm sure there are more just can't think of them off handâ..

nice find Martinâthanx for postingâ..

This one has finally turned upâ.he doesn't blow a ton of harp thru out but cool to see him play piano and thens Bloomfield does a tune on piano and Paul backs him up on Harp!

Rob P

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> I don't see any horns onstage. What I'm hearing sounds like a synth (though given the sound quality it's hard to tell).
> Why no harmonica? He's got a kick-ass band, and it doesn't hurt to lay off the harmonica for a number or two. Especially considering what a fine singer Butterfield was, something that doesn't seem to get mentioned often among us harmonica fanatics.
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> DidnÂt know that Paul B was out touring with horns and all
that in -86 (if the date at the end is correct). He hasnÂt that long time left but appears to be in good form. Why he does not play the harmonica here escapes me?
> /Martin

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