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Well, one doesn´t see a whole lot on stage ... But you´re most certainly right: I read the 70´s live take into this and "heard" the horns -- when it´s an 1980´s synth. Quack. I am ashamed of myself. 
 I´ll triple my penitentic push-up routine tonight and will also stay off the hooch. That oughta do it.

Still, a pity there´s no harp, he used to play that tune with a deep, dark tone on the G harp. But an excellent and powerful singer he was.


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I don't see any horns onstage. What I'm hearing sounds like a synth (though given the sound quality it's hard to tell).

Why no harmonica? He's got a kick-ass band, and it doesn't hurt to lay off the harmonica for a number or two. Especially considering what a fine singer Butterfield was, something that doesn't seem to get mentioned often among us harmonica fanatics.

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Didn´t know that Paul B was out touring with horns and all that in -86 (if the date at the end is correct). He hasn´t that long time left but appears to be in good form. Why he does not play the harmonica here escapes me?


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