[Harp-L] The local street scene,,wordy

Wifey got pissed at me yesterday for, dog forbid, wanting to listen to music on the radio (there's a new station in town, playing some very obscure and good pieces not usually given airtime, by classic bands), instead of her usual reading books out loud as we drive (,,me nuts,,), amongst other serious offences on my part,,

So, I took a hike. 

Harmonica (Ab Lee Oskar major diatonic) in pocket, I began to play some "holiday music" as I walked, including "Joy to the World", "Auld Lang Syne", "Dixie", etc.., whatever. 

As I walked past the local shops (we live near a major intersection of stores, here in SoCal), I'd peek my head in, and play a few bars of "Joy to the World", and wish them a Merry Christmas. 

At one point, someone with a celphone stopped me and asked to record my playing, so I gave him my best shot, tongue-blocking octaves in 1st position and lip pursing single notes, etc. I've been at this a while, so I know my stuff, and people were smiling and handing out compliments. 

"Celphone Guy" said he played a little harp, and actually paid someone a hundred bucks to teach him to bend. He asked if he could demonstrate on my harp, and I had to turn him down, since long ago I made that determination, in a club, where this gusser walked up on me, asking if he could play my harp, and I let him. I never asked for that harp back, so, down one harp, and never again. He said that he "didn't have herpes", so I told him "I understand, but I might, y'know". He was okay with that, thankfully. ( I hate it when that happens ) He said to me, "This is going viral" (yeah,,fat chance, but who knows, these days, as he recorded a few more 10 second clips on his phone. So I got my name and a few tasty licks out there in cyberspace,,lol.

Anyway,, I continued on, walking into local shops/stores. Kohl's, Sprouts, Polly's Pies, even the local liquor store got "the treatment".  Everyone was smiling and digging it.

Later on, I played for some cops who were patrolling, catching some parking lot thief or other nefarious roustabouts. I played "Joy" again, and then asked if they wanted to hear the blues. This one cop said to me,,"Naw, man. There's enough blues already. Keep on playing the cheery stuff." 

I'm 64 now, and used to do this kind of "street" stuff when I was a kid, though my chops were few. First time I've felt this free and easy in years, and it was very rewarding. I even forgot about the verbal beating I'd gotten earlier from my significant other,,lol, and by the time I got home, she was cool (thankfully), and enjoyed hearing about it, God bless her feisty soul. 

Harp therapy works!

Anyway,,a big THANK YOU to all the participants here for your help in making this an interesting and very educational place to visit online. 

Keep on Harping!!


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