[Harp-L] harp organization

seems to me, a dedicated non-diatonic player, that as long as you totally know your own organizational system, and can find a particular instrument with speed and accuracy, it certainly can't matter how you organize them.
(I hope this isn't too controversial)

So as to not be thought of as an Elitist Wuss, who eschews the diatonics in favor of the chromatic instrument.....I hasten to mention that I do own many sets of diatonics, mostly half-valved with PT's system, but am polite enough to not play them. 

.....You're welcome.

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> I have seen several people say that they organize their harps in their case by the circle of fifths. I'm giving it a try now, but I just wanted to understand why this organization is better than some other method like laying it out by keys.
> Thanks
> Brad

jon kip

player of music, mostly written by dead people and played on a toy that everybody's Uncle except my nephew's has the good sense to keep safely out of sight in a drawer.

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