[Harp-L] Circle of Fifths (Circle of Fourths) and Positions

As I posted in my 2nd post above:
Arranging my harps by order of CoF was originally so I could find the harp
for Crossharp/2nd position easily.  I didn't start out wanting to learn a
lot of theory.  I found it confusing and slow to check a Circle diagram and
then locate the correct harp for 2nd position.  So I arranged them in order
of CoF  in a harp case.

As I began playing other positions I realized it was easy and clear to see
which harp I could use for different positions.   When I had it memorized
(just by picking up harps that were in order of CoF) I realized that it was
really useful in many ways.


The modes that are easily available in 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions are
minor modes (Dorian, Aeolian, Phrygian), and you can take advantage of this
to play minor songs without needing many bends or overbends.   I use the
CoF to help choose harps to play minor songs in those positions.  NOTE: You
aren't restricted to playing only in those modal scales in those positions,
they are just easily available and helpful in those positions.
When you lay them out by Circle of Fifths the positions are right there, in
order.  Plus, you learn the Circle, which has LOTS of music information in

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