Re: [Harp-L] "Richter" tuning (was Circle of Fifths, and different tunings)

That's deep Ralf! I like it. For me, Richter tuning, whatever it's
derivations, means
 a diatonic harmonica with the 4th & 6th raised a tone in the first octave.

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> Joe Leone wrote:
>> The Richter family was from Prussia. Richter means Richard in German.
> I beg to differ on that - German "Richter" is "Judge" in english, but it
> originates from
> the medieval german "Schultheiß" - in Italian the two offices Scoltetto
> and Sculdascio.
> In some eastern parts of medieval Germany the name of this Schultheiss
> function has
> been replaced by "Judge" (Richter).
> Richard is a completely different thing: The first or given name Richard
> derives from German,
> French, and English "richi" (rich, mighty) and "hard" (strong, brave), and
> it therefore means
> "the rich and strong" or "powerful leader".
> Harmonically,
> Ralf

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